Crimson Press - Signature Capture
September 5, 2003

Crimson Software is pleased to announce the addition of signature capture features to the Compact Environment.  This new feature will be available at no extra charge to those who are currently enrolled in the Software Maintenance Program.

Using a PDA, personnel can capture signatures for proof of delivery or other types of authorization where a signature is typically used.  The signature is then converted into plain text, which drastically reduces its size and allows for encryption in cases where security is a concern.  Once the signature is stored in the database, it can be reconstructed and viewed in the desktop application or sent to other systems in the form of an image or plain text.

This functionality could drastically decrease AR lag times in situations where paper based processes are slowing things down.  In addition, the typical headaches associated with reconciling paperwork to the system can be eliminated.

The screen shot shows an example of how this new feature can be used.  (Make sure to view it at 100% zoom.)

As always, we hope that this addition allows you to be more competitive by increasing the accuracy and efficiency of your processes.