Crimson Press - Mobile Environment
August 7, 2003

Crimson Software is pleased to announce the addition of the Mobile Environment to the suite of applications and services.

This new environment uses 'Mobile Controls', extending functionality to hundreds of mobile devices including many cell phones, Blackberry, Pocket PC and Palm devices.  For compatibility information, please see the following web page:

Off-site personnel can now enjoy real-time information or processing capabilities wherever they can use their cell phone.  Perhaps a salesperson would like to check on available inventory while visiting a customer, or perhaps a manager would like to check on today's workload when the all-day meeting gets boring :-).  A customized menu can be set up for each user so the functions they use are easy to get to.

Here are some some screen shots showing the 'Placement' and 'Inventory Query' functions.  The cell phone image is provided courtesy of the Openwave* device emulator.

I hope that this feature will allow you to take your operations to new levels of excellence!

*Copyrights and trademarks are held by Openwave