Crimson Press - Manufacturing Features
July 29, 2004

Crimson Software is pleased to announce the availability of several new features in the Crimson WMS solution that support manufacturing processes.

- Assembly Orders:  as an extension to the Assembly Event (described in a previous email), the system can now maintain Assembly Orders to govern a manufacturing or kitting process.  Each Order specifies one or more items that need to be assembled, where the components should come from, and where the finished product should go.  Assembly Events are recorded against these Orders as they are processed so you can see the progress in real time.

- Item Component Management:  each ItemCode can be set up to contain an unlimited number of components.  Since components can have their own components as well, this feature allows for a BOM structure with unlimited levels.

- BOM Viewer:  this screen allows you to view an Item's components in a hierarchal 'tree' structure.  You can navigate down to a specified number of levels, or click the 'UpLevel' button to see what the current ItemCode's parents are.  Double-clicking on an ItemCode in the viewer will take you to the Manage Items form to see more information.

In addition to these key features, additional functionality is in the development plan to provide demand planning and forecasting tools, further extending the Crimson WMS solution into the manufacturing realm.

As part of the 'Free WMS' program, the first 2-3 customers to use these new features in a manufacturing or kitting operation will receive some free licenses, free server setup and configuration, and one year of free support (to resolve any issues in the software).  For more details on the Free WMS program, please see the following press release: