Crimson Press - 2 Hour Deployment
July 22, 2003

I'd like to relay a summary of the most recent deployment of

The customer is Recover-itt (, who provides custom transportation, technical service, and logistics solutions to Fortune 1000 companies.

When they expressed interest in the Crimson WMS, I sent them the client software with some instructions and provided access to a demo database on a Crimson application server.  After reviewing the software, they determined that no customization would be needed, and that formal training would not be necessary (2 whole categories of cost were eliminated.)

They were also able to recognize that the functionality of would enhance their service offerings, allowing them to attract more customers.

When they decided to go live, I scheduled some time the next day to deploy a fully working instance.  After I prepared some files, they connected me to their server with GoToMyPC (, which worked great.  Once the server setup was complete, I emailed them a modified registration file that switched communications from the demo database to their new local database.  No other changes were necessary for the client systems.

In 2 hours from start to finish, they were the proud new owners of a fully functional instance of

FINANCIALS:  The standard retail pricing for this particular implementation was $8,300.  Initially, there are no recurring costs because they are using their own server.  After one year, they may opt to extend their software maintenance for $100 per month.