Crimson Press - New Pricing Option
July 8, 2003

Crimson Software is pleased to announce that it is now strategically positioned to offer a new pricing option that eliminates much of the brunt of acquiring logistics software.

Software is usually priced based on user licensing, which is still available with the Crimson WMS.  However, this can sometimes place a large burden of cost on new operations at a time when reducing cost is most critical.  In a move to accommodate those needs, Crimson Software now offers subscription based pricing for customers who use our hosting services.

This eliminates a whole category of cost that is usually one of the largest line items on the WMS startup budget - Licensing.  This allows you to change the number of concurrent users on demand, thereby causing the software costs to fluctuate along with your volume.  Since this option is a subscription instead of a depreciated asset, there can be some accounting and tax benefits, not to mention drastically reducing the risk of losses should a business venture fail to get off the ground.

There is no fee to change the number of users, but a minimum of one month is required for each user, and a minimum of one user must continue to remain active for each database.

I hope that this new offering proves useful and allows you to acquire business that otherwise would not be quite as viable.