Crimson Press - Bear Stearns & Xterprise
June 11, 2003

Bear Stearns follows industry leaders to provide intelligence in equities.  See their recent recent report about the up and coming RFID technology.  They believe that this technology is going to catch on much faster than barcodes did, making it a key focus for next generation solutions.

Among software vendors like EXE, Manhattan & Associates, and SAP, Bear Stearns recognized Crimson Software as a vendor for RFID enabled solutions (page 66), with Xterprise ( acting as the the systems integrator.

It may make sense to remain with your current software vendor for these solutions, or it may not.  So keep us in mind when you encounter the RFID projects that are bound to arise in the near future.

While Crimson Software continues to focus on providing quality, cost-effective software, Xterprise can focus on the other elements needed to establish your real-time paperless (and even 'hands free') processing.