Crimson Press - Up and Running
April 24, 2003

Just in case you haven't heard, is up and running.  The first installation was for a 3PL that handles several different types of inventory in addition to some transportation activity.  Even though it was considered a 'beta test', it was stabilized within a week of startup with no need for formal training.  Support quickly diminished to nearly nothing, and their inventory accuracy is on a steady incline as compared to their previous system.  I host the solution for them on one of my servers, giving them and their customers real-time Internet visibility to information.  They have enjoyed about 5 months of service with zero down time.

During this time, I have added some useful features, such as integration with Microsoft MapPoint (providing street level directions, route optimization, and trip planning), asset management w/ maintenance tracking and assignment functions (for Tool Room type processes), and some tools for flexible information queries.

I have also integrated the solution with RF ID readers (please see Xterprise's Press Release for more information).  Imagine being able to receive product into your WMS just by unloading the truck ("no hands" receiving).

I am currently developing a billing module that will either print invoices or integrate with QuickBooks to eliminate double-entry.  Integration with other accounting systems is also possible.  This new feature will automatically generate pending charges based on Storage, Handling, and Transportation activity, and allow the user to edit and/or authorize the charges to create invoices.

Many more enhancements are planned, and I will keep you up to date on those if desired.

If you know of others in the industry that would be interested in this information, please pass it along.