Solutions Portfolio

The following is a selection of the many warehousing, logistics, and other database applications that have been provided by Crimson Software.  In alphabetical order…


AT&T Wireless and Menlo Logistics – Warehousing and Tool Room Management

This solution supported 12 warehouses across the US, plus one global database that contained a roll-up of the inventory.  Data was sent to the global database such that each warehouse became an inventory location.  The summarized inventory was then converted into XML and sent to AT&T to update their systems.  In addition to inventory, a tool room was managed at each location.


Dell SLC - Austin, TX and FedEx Logistics – Vendor Managed Inventory

This consisted of two warehouses that housed inventory owned by over 150 of Dell’s vendors.  Integration with Dell’s systems allowed the electronic transfer of order fulfillment data, which helped to meet Dell’s 90 minute delivery requirement.  This solution successfully supported up to 20 concurrent users.


Dell & FedEx Logistics – Warehouse Management

A CrimsonWMS solution was used to manage inventory and track FIFO information for a monitor stockroom, also in Austin, TX.


FedEx Logistics – Personnel Applications

Several applications were deployed nationally to help office administrators with complicated personnel activities, such as wage increases (which had many parameters), expense reporting, and labor analyses.


Hewlett Packard and FedEx Logistics – Trailer Management

A trailer management solution was used to manage the Vancouver, WA trailer yard.  This included the location of each trailer, arrivals, departures, and the product on each trailer.  This allowed the systematic selection of trailers to be moved to dock doors to support the manufacturing of printers.


Hewlett Packard and FedEx Logistics – Warehouse Management

Several warehousing processes within 3 different HP locations in Washington and California were supported by a previous version of Crimson’s WMS.  These included finished goods, plant to plant transfers, returnable packaging, monitor consignment, and vendor managed inventory.


Intel and Micro Business Solutions– Manufacturing Quality Control

A sophisticated data collection tool was developed for Intel to aid Quality Control personnel in manufacturing inspection processes.  The interface included multiple views of each item, along with detailed work instructions.  The analysis of the collected data resulted in efficiency gains due to lower defect ratios.


John Deere and FedEx Logistics – Container Management

A container management system was developed to track and replenish over 80 suppliers with returnable containers.  EDI transmissions are used to communicate remote transfers of the containers from each vendor to the John Deere Plant.  The system aids users in allocating the proper quantity of each container to each of the suppliers.


SCI and iSuppli – Custom Data Analysis

Custom tools for data analysis were developed to use over 1.4 million records of pricing data, along with market intelligence data, to show what decisions would result in the greatest cost savings.  These tools were successful in showing how SCI could save over $1 million dollars each month.


Sun Microsystems – Asset Recovery

This operation receives returned computer equipment and processes it based on disposition data provided and updated by Sun personnel.  Using this data along with current inventory levels, the system directs the user how to process each item upon receipt.  Many items are disassembled, and the system informs the user how to process each component as well.  The system is able to show what components were taken out of any particular item for future reference.  This solution commonly supports up to 15 concurrent users, 7 or 8 of which operate RF bar-coding devices.


Sun Microsystems and FedEx Logistics – Warehouse Management

Several WMS solutions were successfully implemented for manufacturing support, remanufacturing, and vendor managed inventory.


Spectrum Transportation Services – Warehousing and Transportation

Spectrum uses the latest version of Crimson’s WMS solution ( to manage inventory and transportation for a public warehouse that specializes in handling serialized electronic equipment, as well as non-serial, palletized items.  Internet features provide Spectrum’s customers with real-time inventory data, including scheduled report and data file distribution.  Integration with other applications such as QuickBooks and MapPoint have added a high level of efficiency and accuracy to their processes.


Teledyne WaterPik and FedEx Logistics – Warehouse Management

Two warehouses located in Ft. Collins and Loveland, CO were supported for several years with a previous version of Crimson’s WMS.


UPS Supply Chain Services

A solution was developed whereby a crew of 80-100 drivers could use their cell phone to record a Container ID along with a drop location in an 8 acre container yard.